Meet the talented team bringing
Balmoral Quay to life.

SJB Architects


Making buildings is a big responsibility. Architecture is the built expression of the values and ambitions of a society. Buildings and cities greatly affect the lives of those who inhabit them.

Good architecture fulfils functional necessities but also expresses place, community and the era in which it is built. For over 40 years SJB Architects have challenged stale preconceptions about how to improve, expand and intensify people’s civic and private lives through built form.

Hub Property Group

Project Manager

At Hub Property Group we value beautiful and defining projects that respond to shifting demand and leave a constructive legacy on the surrounding landscape.

Hub Property Group pursues best of class Project Management and consulting opportunities, overlaying more than 40 years collective team experience. With disciplined action we provide clients with entrepreneurial solutions to their property development and investment portfolios.


Development Manager

Since their inception in 2000, Gersh has been engaged in the formation and management of over $2 billion of real estate projects as independent advisor, capital manager and principal investor.

Their success lies in their entrepreneurial culture, intrinsic understanding of property, strong approach to risk management and the ability to be flexible and innovative.


Landscape Architect

Tract is a leading planning & design practice uniting the professional disciplines of town planning, landscape architecture & urban design to provide innovative solutions for complex projects.

Their expertise in planning and design addresses land use function, economics, social wellbeing and environmental sustainability with a focus on aesthetic order and expression.